Frequently Asked Questions

What does the "Register Now" button do?

The Register Now button enrolls you in the Boldly Me Academy where you will get a userid and password for your own personal account. It is free to register for the Academy. After that you can purchase any courses through your account for your own personal use. Click here for a list of current publicly available courses.

I am a teacher/school administrator. How do I enroll an entire class or get a site license for my class or school?

To purchase bulk courses or a school-wide license, please contact the Boldly Me office and ask about a site license for your school. You will then be able to assign a unique sign-up code to each student. Each student will enroll in the Academy and then sign up for the course or courses using their unique sign-up code based on the site-license. To contact us, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 408-768-9257.

OK, I've registered for the Academy and I've enrolled in a course. Now what?

You can begin your course from the "My Courses" page. If you are logged in to the Academy, click on "My Courses" from the Top Navigation Menu. Then click on a course to begin.

I'm registered for a "bundle" course. When I go to the "My Courses" page, it shows a Bundle course, and all the courses in the bundle. What's up with that? Where do I go?

This is a quirk in the Teachable system. You can either click on the bundle which will then show all the courses in the bundle for you to select. Or you can just go straight to the individual course on the My Courses page. They both take you to the same place.

How do I recover or reset my password?

Click here for instructions on resetting your password. will send you an email to reset your password. If the email link doesn't work properly to reset your password, try logging out of the Academy (if you're logged in) wait a few minutes and try again.